Business Outreach Services

Luster provides community outreach, public involvement and information services to its clients. Most work is project-based, ranging from encouraging contractors to bid on a specific project to producing project newsletters for public distribution. Luster has expertise in developing and implementing outreach programs targeting small, local, emerging, minority-owned, women-owned and/or disadvantaged businesses for agencies or on a project-by-project basis.

We also provide community outreach support throughout the EIR approval process. Luster organizes public hearings and community input sessions. We facilitate public meetings associated with redevelopment and transportation projects as well as community involvement sessions required for government grant applications. Luster assists clients in achieving project goals while remaining sensitive and responsive to community concerns and public process.


S/L/E/M/W/DBE Inclusion

Luster assists both private and public sector clients to achieve business participation goals organizationally and on a project specific basis. Luster has the capacity to assist clients with the full spectrum of outreach services to small, local, emerging, minority-owned, women-owned, and/or disadvantaged firms: developing participation goals, ensuring the goals are aligned with legal or legislative directives, generating responsive and realistic outreach plans, creating and maintaining databases of interested firms, and providing technical assistance and capacity building for firms. A key component of Luster’s approach to business outreach is inclusion of tracking and assessment tools to evaluate the effectiveness of outreach strategies as well as assist in meeting all reporting requirements.

Luster is committed to the inclusion and development of S/L/M/W/DBE firms. This commitment is reflected in the attention and creativity we give to this service line. Luster has provided business outreach services to county agencies, community development projects, and multi-million dollar transportation projects. We have a track record in helping clients achieve goals rather than relying on good faith efforts.


Small Business Technical Assistance & Capacity Building

Increasingly, Luster’s clients are linking business outreach services with technical assistance and capacity building efforts. Luster provides these services to clients by using project participation opportunities as vehicles for enhancing the professional expertise of individual small, local, emerging, minority-owned, women-owned, and/or disadvantaged firms. Often these firms possess the requisite breadth and depth of professional skills but have limited business expertise. Luster creates programs or workshops that meet the needs of smaller businesses and assist motivated owners to grow and development their business acumen and their bottom line revenue. Programs include mentor-protégé, classes, leadership development, and individual coaching for business owners.