Compliance Services

Luster provides contract compliance services for public sector clients in the areas of prevailing wage, business participation, and local hire monitoring. Luster provides these services for construction contracts and professional services contracts.

For both types of contracts, Luster has the expertise to establish a compliance monitoring program that is in alignment with federal, state and/or local statutes. Luster ensures that the organization’s program systematically collects, reviews, and tracks all documentation used to monitor contractor/consultant compliance. We are experienced in producing high quality, comprehensible compliance reports that meet organizational and public reporting needs.

Luster works to diminish the adversarial relationships that can develop between an agency and its contractors involving compliance issues. Our approach employs a balance between assertive monitoring and providing contractors and consultants with the information and resources needed to meet agency program compliance goals.


Constructability and Code Reviews

A “constructability and code review” is a design review process aimed at leveraging construction contractor expertise, thus avoiding post-award change orders, construction claims and disputes. We employ skilled contractors and claims specialists to review the majority of construction documents.

The objective is to identify conflicts that may arise in drawings and specifications, impractical requirements, unusual or proprietary construction requirements, or the concerns of a construction contractor and construction claims specialist. The benefit of the reviews is a reduction in change orders and claims during construction.


Prevailing Wage Monitoring

Luster has assisted clients, including the San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco Unified School District and the Alameda County Public Works Agency, in monitoring for prevailing wages for construction contracts. Luster assists in establishing a prevailing wage monitoring system for a specific construction program or as an extension of a group’s existing monitoring unit.

Luster keeps abreast of changes in construction-related job classifications and associated wage rates. We offer clients expertise in working with contractors to resolve wage issues through problem solving consultations, show-cause meetings, or if necessary, the labor relations hearing process. Our goal is to resolve wage issues at the lowest level possible before it evolves into a significant project dispute. Luster is experienced in interfacing with union locals on prevailing wage issues.


Monitoring M/W/DBE Participation, Affirmative Action and Local Hiring Requirements

Luster has solid experience in assisting clients with promoting and monitoring the participation of minority-owned, women-owned and disadvantaged business firms on both construction and professional services contracts. We have established programs from the ground up and served as an extension of a client’s existing staff.

We have worked with affirmative action and local hire programs that have included goals for ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, and neighborhood. We have frequently partnered with community-based agencies that serve both a monitoring and employment referral function. Luster has also worked with clients, employment training and referral agencies, and union locals to negotiate and implement local hire programs that meet community goals while adhering to collective bargaining agreements. Over the years, Luster has developed an expertise in this area, effectively creating programs that promote employment training, job placement and job retention that arise from local hire mandates.