Professional Development & Training Services

Luster has unique capabilities in training services. Luster has blended its knowledge of construction and project management with its knowledge of community and education to produce distinctive training and related services for clients. Over the past ten years, Luster has developed a reputation for designing, administering, and implementing innovative construction-related training programs. This expertise has expanded to include executive coaching, team building and partnering, public meeting facilitation, and professional development workshops for industry professionals. Luster knows that clear objectives and communication, a structured training plan, coupled with assessment mechanisms deliver a high quality training product, for a series of classes, a daylong workshop or an entire program.

Luster tailors its training services to fit the needs and priorities of each client and each project. We do not offer “pre-packaged” training. Luster’s professionals understand training, how adults learn and adapt to change, and that the training must address a project or organizational objective. Therefore, we view our clients as not only the individuals that participate in the training, but also the organizations with whom we contract.


Public Meeting Facilitation Skills Training

Luster designs and delivers presentation and meeting facilitation skills training targeted to engineering and technical staff. Luster’s courses and workshops provide comprehensive instruction on facilitating effective public meetings and enhancing individual public speaking and presentation skills. Increasingly, engineering, construction and technical staff are expected to participate in project-related public meetings. Many have little or no public speaking or presentation training and often have difficulty explaining technical issues in non-technical language. Luster’s training specifically addresses these issues.

Luster does not use “off-the-shelf” training packages or materials. Each training course is tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of the client. Luster’s courses usually consist of a series of weekly class meetings. We provide participants with practical tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately. Luster emphasizes hands-on exercises to engage participants and keep them motivated. A public speaking practicum is a part of each training session. This permits participants to practice newly acquired or revisited presentation and public speaking skills. Participant presentations are videotaped and one-on-one feedback is provided. Industry professionals have responded enthusiastically to Luster’s training program and methods.


Training Program Development

Over the past ten years, Luster has developed a reputation for designing, administering, and implementing innovative construction-related training programs. Luster has partnered with universities, labor unions, community-based agencies and other firms to deliver training in basic construction, hazardous materials handling, asbestos removal, lead abatement, materials testing, surveying, CAD operation, inspection, cost scheduling, document control, office engineering and project controls. Luster’s training programs are project-based, ensuring that participants are trained for jobs that exist in the marketplace and required for a specific project. Luster has developed specific expertise in training aimed to widening employment opportunities for people of color and women.

Since Luster does not utilize off-the-shelf training packages, each program is tailored to meet the specific needs and priorities of each client or project. A guiding principle in all of Luster’s training programs is the inclusion of an assessment component to evaluate program effectiveness. Luster consistently promotes training opportunities on its projects and is committed to working collaboratively with local partners.


Student Internship Programs

Since its inception, Luster has expressed its commitment to developing future generations of engineering and construction professionals by establishing student internship programs on its projects. Whenever possible, Luster incorporates student interns when staffing and budgeting its projects. Luster establishes relationships with universities and colleges in the areas where it does business. Luster recruits students from area schools and places them in project-based summer and year-round internship positions.

Luster’s internships are structured and competency-based. Luster Training & Development staff work with the project team to create a plan for the internship prior to recruiting the intern. We assess the scope and needs of the project team’s work as well as special training opportunities the project may be able to offer the students. We pay special attention to providing opportunities to students from backgrounds currently under-represented in the field: African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian/Pacific Islanders, and women.

Over the years, Luster has provided internship opportunities to students from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, Stanford University, CSU Sacramento, and Clark Atlanta University. Student interns have worked on our most significant projects, including San Francisco International Airport Master Plan Project, UC Davis Central Power Plan Project, Federal Bureau of Prisons Atwater Project, and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Project.

Luster also provides internship program services to clients. We assist businesses or organizations in creating and operating student internship or co-op programs; creating the training plans, recruiting students, and monitoring student progress. We facilitate the complete process so the organization, the intern supervisor and the student intern have a successful and worthwhile experience. Luster brings a unique blend of understanding the needs and constraints of project staff as well as the exigencies of educational institutions and students.