HJAIA – Pavement 8R-26L Replacement

Atlanta, Georgia

HJCM_ConcretWk3-CROPLUSTER performed duties as a sub-consultant and construction manager to the HJAIA Program Joint Venture. LUSTER’s project engineer conducted required meetings prior to, during, and after construction. Our project engineer processed shop drawings/ submittals, reviewed/approved contractor payment requests, and participated in negotiation of cost for construction changes with the Contractor/Owner prior to and during construction.  The LUSTER Project Engineer coordinated with Design Engineers to ensure the project was built in accordance with the contract documents, and coordinated submittal of the as-built drawings from the contractor to HJAIA.

LUSTER provided the following services as the civil construction inspector:

  • prepared daily field inspection reports to include documentation of daily quantities/production items;
  • coordinated, scheduled and monitored material testing requirements;
  • monitored contractor schedule compliance; coordinated the activities of the prime contractor plus multiple sub-contractors on the confined site;
  • ensured safety compliance throughout the project site;
  • verified quantities/production items paid on monthly payment applications;
  • evaluated entry-level position candidates for internship employment opportunities.

This project replaced distressed and cracked reinforced Portland cement concrete pavement, which included Runway 8R-26L in its entirety along with portions of Taxiway E and Taxiway H.  Taxiway connectors to the runway were replaced for the portion which lies within 200-feet of the runway centerline. The project included the replacement of pavement underdrains, placing an asphalt pavement sub-base, overlaying the asphalt shoulders, replacing the centerline and edge lights, grooving, striping and all other ancillary work.