Hunters Point Shipyard Redevelopment Project

San Francisco, California

Earthmovers-3_WideShot_HPIM0017-CROPThe Bayview Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a former military facility in the heart of San Francisco. It is an approximately 550-acre plot of land on the waterfront. During its peak in the mid-1940s, the shipyard employed 17,000 people. In 1991, the shipyard was listed as one of several Bay Area military bases scheduled for closure. Subsequently, a Reuse Plan was adopted by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

The Hunters Point redevelopment project includes five (5) parcels. This multi-phase project involves demolishing and replacing the utilities infrastructure, and regrading the land to accommodate 1,200 homes, and 80,000 square feet of commercial space on two 100-acre sites.

Luster staff coordinated the demolition and grading of 60 acres (Parcel A – the first of five Parcels), for 600 residential units, parks and open space. This complex management project required close coordination with local public works and utilities agencies, and shipyard tenants. Luster was responsible for the planning, management, and monitoring of this massive effort from toxic cleanup through design and construction.

Luster provided full construction management services throughout the demolition and grading. This work included on-site inspections and quality assurance, management of bid packages, development of project schedules, change order management, and dispute resolutions. Luster also implemented a cost control system and monitored contractor performance.

Luster implemented numerous industry-standard practices and procedures at Hunters Point including an innovative construction management program. Our project procedures manual served as the roadmap for implementing all non-construction tasks, including schedule and change order management. We also ensured close coordination between the design and construction teams.

To prepare the community for the redevelopment of the site, Luster conducted numerous public meetings. We worked closely with project and community groups to keep the public well informed.

Luster is committed to helping the developer of the Hunters Point site bring new affordable housing to San Francisco.