Maryland Procurement Office – Power and Cooling Infrastructure Projects

Fort Meade, Maryland

National_Security_Agency_headquarters,_Fort_Meade,_Maryland-CROPLUSTER provided construction management (CM) services in support of major initiatives at Fort Meade to modernize its power and cooling (P&C) systems and electrical and mechanical infrastructure at Fort Meade, MD.  LUSTER’s Field Superinten¬dents were part of an integrated project delivery team that includes Professional Engineering, Technical and Program/ Project Management Expertise, and Construction Implementa¬tion Services.  LUSTER was responsible for day-to-day direction of all field activities over multiple on-site contractors, including final approval of completed construction tasks to ensure construction conformed to design specifications and was in compliance with design specifications. LUSTER provided technical oversight to subcontractors for the timely and efficient execution of fieldwork.  LUSTER provided daily field reports, conducted presentations to the client to update on project progress, participated in progress meetings, and conducted on-site safety compliance.  Our mission was to ensure each project is completed on schedule, adhered to budget, met accounting requirements and was built to quality standards.