Kaiser Permanente Town Park Comprehensive Care Center Scheduling and Cost Control Services

Kennesaw, Georgia

Kaiser-TownPark-GA_Aerial-Photo_10.07.11 # 1_CROPLUSTER assigned a Senior Scheduler/Planner to review, evaluate, analyze, and optimize the construction schedule for the successful completion of the Town Park Comprehensive Care Center.  LUSTER evaluated the General Contractor’s (GC) 3-week look-ahead schedule from one week to the next to identify where they were falling behind.  We ensured that the 3-week look-ahead and OPS schedules reflect a separate set of codes for “system component”.

Specific tasks included:

  • Determine critical areas of work first, as reflected in the schedule;
  • Determine the project’s critical path, as shown in GC’s schedule versus what it should be;
  • Identify major change modifications the client believes could have impacted the project work
  • Direct the GC to create fragnet activities to incorporate into the current OPS to provide a more realistic schedule that represents actual conditions and yields more accurate forecasted dates for the remaining work.