Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), Program Management Consultant (PMC), Office of Innovative Delivery (OID)

Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is using P3 and DB contracting methodologies to deliver the $14 Billion program over the next 15 years. Luster as a subconsultant to HNTB was awarded the five-year program management contract in the fall of 2016. The contract has two five-year option periods. GDOT has embarked on a $14 Billion capital expenditure program to design, construct and maintain new roads and bridges in the State of Georgia to reduce congestion and improve movement around the state. Luster’s scope includes providing procurement specialists, program and construction managers, utility right-of-way (ROW) and safety personnel, communication and training managers, and quality management planning subject matter experts.


In August 2017, Luster staff began developing a compre­hensive Qual­ity Management Plan (QMP) that integrates the GDOT Program Management Consultant (PMC), Office of Innovative Delivery (OID) Pro­gram ele­ments and aligns them to the GDOT Strategic Plan. Their role at HNTB GDOT OID is to re­view, eval­uate, further enhance and develop, the Stra­tegic Program Plan and its Quality Plan, and evaluate personnel, programs, processes and systems to deploy and effectively manage these plans. It also includes eval­uating the PMC team’s level of required profes­sional expertise and capability to effectively support these plans, and recommend the training to mitigate any individual and team shortfalls.