Interstate 580/Interstate 680 Highway Interchange

Alameda County, California

I580-I680-Highway_Page_1As prime consultant for the $116 million replacement of the southbound I‐680 to eastbound I‐580 loop, Luster worked with Alameda County Transportation Authority, Caltrans and consultant staff as integrated project and construction management team.  Luster provided office engineering, civil and structural inspection, and resident engineering.

I-580/I-680 interchange is at the crossroads of two of Alameda County’s most significant commute arteries, funneling traffic from the north, south, east, and west.

The I‐580/I‐680 renovation was the largest project funded by Alameda County’s Measure B sales tax and was administered by the Alameda County Transportation Authority (ACTA). The project sponsor was Caltrans.

Schedule Compression & Cost Savings

I-580-680_Rebar&Construction-NewspaperClip-CROPLuster’s ability to compress the schedule on the $120-million I-580/I-680 Highway Interchange kept the project within budget and ensured a timely opening date.

The schedule compression resulted in a $10-million savings and a completion date 12-months ahead of schedule.