Confidential Client – High-Tech Industry Project – Northern California

Commercial SectorLuster, as part of a large West Coast General Contractor Team, has been asked by a confidential client to complete an almost $1 billion dollar interiors project, sans MEP, for a brand new high-tech facility located in Northern California.

Per Ron Brown, Luster’s Principal Lead on the project, “Luster is tasked to provide the quality assurance and quality control needed to ensure the client’s stated intent aligns with the interiors work put in place.”  The level of quality on this unique project exceeds the nor­mal level of a superior grade.  The client and the architect are creating new design standards. Luster per­son­nel must be adept at viewing this project with a level of granularity that is atypical.

Luster began mobilizing on the project in late-March of 2015.  The preliminary plan was to initiate a scope gap analysis followed by the establishment of a comprehensive project Quality Assurance/Quality Control program.  Luster continues to add QA/QC professionals required to keep pace with an accelerated project schedule.  The project is expected to be completed within the next two years.