East Bay Municipal Water District Seismic Improvement

Alameda/Contra Costa Counties, California

CoyoteCreekSchool-wSignage-CROPEast Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) provides water to more than 850,000 people in a 325-square mile area. Because water is becoming scarcer in the East Bay annually, EBMUD is addressing the water shortages head on. The District has implemented a water conservation program that includes recycling as much water as possible — the District wants to be able to recycle 5 billion gallons of water a year by 2020.

EBMUD is also improving water treatment facilities in an effort to maintain reasonable wastewater rates. To enhance these efforts, the District has many projects designed to produce green energy and reduce greenhouse gases.

To support EBMUD’s water recycling program, Luster has provided construction management services at seven water treatment plants. Several plants have been converted from using chlorine gas to using chloramines. Construction has included demolition of inefficient facilities, as well as, modifications to piping, tanks, and electrical and structural systems.

Some of Luster’s projects have also been in support of the Seismic Improvement Program. As part of the Seismic Improvement Program, the District is strengthening wells, filter galleries and operational buildings.

EBMUD-CROPLuster’s services for EBMUD have included inspection quality control, contract administration, document management, design reviews, and issues resolution.

Luster is also providing construction management services to landscaping irrigation customer retrofits at 41 locations in San Ramon and 37 locations in the East Bay west of the Hills. These projects involve construction and improvements to facilities that provide recycled water to schools, parks, greenbelts, golf courses, shopping centers, apartments, condominiums, public and private buildings, and college campuses.

Luster is committed to helping EBMUD increase the reuse of wastewater streams through innovative construction practices and effective program management.