Luster Forges On!

Confidential Client – High-Tech Industry Project – Northern California

Luster, as part of a large West Coast General Contractor Team, has been asked by a confidential client to complete an almost $1 billion dollar interiors project, sans MEP, for a brand new high-tech facility lo­cated in Northern California.

Per Ron Brown, Luster’s Principal Lead on the project, “Luster is tasked to provide the quality assurance and quality control needed to ensure the client’s stated intent aligns with the interiors work put in place.”  The level of quality on this unique project exceeds the nor­mal level of a superior grade.  The client and the archi­tect are creating new design standards. Luster per­son­nel must be adept at viewing this project with a level of granularity that is atypical.

Luster began mobilizing on the project in late-March of 2015.  The preliminary plan was to initiate a scope gap analysis followed by the establishment of a comprehensive project Quality Assurance/Quality Control program.  Luster continues to add QA/QC professionals required to keep pace with an accelerated project schedule.  The project is expected to be completed within the next two years.

Luster personnel working on the project include: Ron Brown, CPC, DBIA, F.SAME, Project Lead and Quality Director; Steve Peaslee, PMP, Mobilization Manager; Robert “Bobby” Vickery, Internal QA Manager; Reena Mehta, PhD/AIA, QA/QC Office Architect/Manager; and, Felix Rodriquez, AIA, Senior QC Inspector.  Additional staff that have come aboard for this project include:  Gregory L. Miller, AIA, LEED®, Area Quality Assurance Manager and Deputy Quality Director; Maria E. Abreu, BS (Architecture), Reports & Compliance Technician; Alberto Menegazzo, MS (Architecture), ARB/AOB, Area Quality Assurance Manager; and, Gary Maraviglia, RA, CID, LEED®AP BD+C, Area Quality Assurance Manager.  It is envisioned that other quality professionals will be added, when required.

Luster Ethics Program Director – Steve Peaslee, PMP

Luster’s Vice President, Steve Peaslee, PMP, has recently been appointed as the firm’s Ethics Program Director.  His task is to oversee our Ethics and Business Conduct Program, aligning our everyday business practices with our core values of Client Focus, Professional Integrity, and Social Responsibility.  Inherent to the program is increased awareness through training, as well as unfettered lines of communication that allow for accurate and timely reporting.  Following industry best practices, Steve has designed a contractor responsibility program that promotes both superior business behavior and immediate notification of work-related ethical concerns.  Through these efforts and the whole-hearted participation of its team members, Luster joins the ranks of its much larger industry peers as a professional services firm committed to unwavering ethical business conduct.

Director of Publishing & Graphics – Marco Jiménez

Luster National’s Director of Publishing & Graphics, Marco Jiménez, has been at the helm of all art, layout, and graphic design duties with our Firm for over eleven years.  He’s been responsible for revamping our corporate identity, as well as outfitting our company with proposal and manual designs; statements of qualifications; business card layouts; logo designs; illustrations; photo-editing services; print production; desktop publishing; PowerPoint presentations; banners and posters; and, many other marketing and graphic items.  His talents are invaluable to the company and we take this moment to proudly introduce him to our readers.

The Lucadello Company – Luster Europe!

Lucadello-Company_Logo-FINAL_72In August of 2015, Robert Luster announced exciting news on the opening of a new Luster branch office in Europe.  This new office, headed by Vice President, Giuseppe Lucadello, in Bassano, Italy, brings Luster National, Inc. into the realm of “Near-Zero” and “Passive House” renewable energy concepts and programs.  With this new official development, Luster now branches out internationally and, working together with The Lucadello Company, now brings superlative professional services to prospective clients on both continents.

The Lucadello Company is a business steeped in family values and a heritage that began in the Veneto Region of Italy in 1855. The firm is a continuation of the Lucadello Construction Company, founded 160-years ago, by Giuseppe Lucadello in San Zenone, just outside of Bassano Del Grappa. The passing of skill sets from one generation to another was a core  value our great-grandfather Giovanni Battista Lucadello inherited from his father Giuseppe and instilled in his sons. During this time the third generation of Lucadello builders was being raised and coming into their own.  Today, The Lucadello Company is owned and operated by the 5th generation and grandchildren of Giuseppe, Roberto and Domenico Lucadello: Giuseppe Lucadello, Francesco Lucadello, and Carlo Ziliotto (husband to Annalisa Lucadello – Giuseppe’s Sister). This newest generation continues the long-storied tradition of The Lucadello Company into the 21st Century, exceeding client expectations just as their grandfathers did.

From this foundation, Lucadello has succeeded in becoming a respected and sought‐after client advocate. The company is led by Giuseppe Lucadello. As managing partner, he takes care of planning, architectural engineering, sustainability, project management, and consulting services, always with an international vision.  As an expert in planning and construction of “Near-Zero” energy homes, anticipating the European Union Directive for 2020 Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) he took part in the first International Course of the European Project CEPH (Certified European Passive House Designer) held in Darmstadt (Germany) in 2010; he is founding member and Vice-President of the Passive House Interest Group in the Veneto Region (IG Passivhaus Veneto).   He brings the requisite leadership and vision to move the company forward and ahead of the dynamic capital infrastructure landscape in Italy and Europe.

The region in which our profession has excelled over the years is Veneto. Veneto is the northeastern Italian region particularly rich in history, culture, natural/architectural resources (Venice, the Dolomites, Palladio, Venetian Villas). Veneto is also characterized by a combination between consolidated attachment to traditions, with a favorable attitude to innovation, and entrepreneurship (furniture, clothing, sportswear, appliances, chemicals, jewelry, mechanical, and design).  Our activities therefore developed into an unwavering commitment to meet the special needs of clients in our area; and, concurrently, for the preservation of natural/architectural resources and the needs of our community – In essence,

The Lucadello Company’s focus is on Exceeding Client Expectations.  Our business approach has always been supported by maximum transparency and impartiality whenever dealing with companies under our direction, entrusted by our clients, or by us on behalf of our clients, in order to guarantee maximum fairness, integrity and efficiency.

The Lucadello Company offers numerous types of services to satisfy and/or fit most service sector programs, project requirement, or budget.

Contact The Lucadello Company…where a personal consultation can make your Program, Project, & Construction plan become a Reality!

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