State and Local Government


Luster is focused on helping ensure that the nation’s airports are safe for travelers. We provide support to government agencies that helps make our airways and airport facilities some of the best in the world. Millions of air travelers each year use airports that we have helped build and maintain.


SFGH_012_0321_9-21-2015_SQ-CROP_150x150x72dpi Healthcare

Luster has a long and rich history supporting Healthcare Programs.



Galileo_Academy_of_Science_and_Technology_entrance-CROPLuster is dedicated to ensuring that America’s children and educators have safe and secure learning facilities. Our future depends upon our children learning and growing in their abilities to respond to the more complex and ever shrinking world. Our focus is to deliver a first class learning environment.


Public Buildings

Luster has a proven commitment to preserving the rich architecture of America. We support the preservation and construction of historic and new buildings nationwide.


Metrotrain-Similar-to-HART-Train(Wiki-PD)-EDITED-CROPTransit & Transportation


Port-of-Richmond-Collection_Page_5Water & Wasterwater

Luster understands that the American people rely on regional sources of quality water. We work with clients to ensure the operation of water distribution systems that provide reliable sources of clean water to communities.