Butte Regional Transit – BCAG Butte Regional Transit Operations Center

Butte-County_2The BCAG Butte Regional Transit Operations Center project, located at 326 Huss Drive in Chico, California, consists of the construction of four new buildings on a ten-acre parcel. The project will serve a variety of uses including public functions, & seeks to be an exemplary public facility that will serve the community for many years to come. The project will house the transit system & BCAG staff. It will be a model steward of the site by integrating environmental planning principles as well as implementing numerous sustainable strategies with the requirement to achieve LEED® Silver  certification from the USGBC. The campus consists of four separate buildings including, an Administration/Operations; Maintenance, Fuel island & Bus wash.

Project construction includes cast-in-place concrete, masonry, steel & metal wall panel construction. The use of natural light has been achieved throughout with large clerestory windows. The project includes over 300 pieces of maintenance equipment, as well as fueling systems, standby emergency generator system, & energy efficient mechanical, electrical & plumbing systems & extensive landscaping of the grounds. Expected project completion for buildings & grounds is July 2016. A separate BRTOC Offsite contract, which consists of improvements to Aztec Drive, storm drain & outfalls to the Comanche creek, & all street improvement immediately adjacent to the site.

Butte-County_1_CROPThe project’s NTP was on September 8th, 2014 and plans to be finished on July 1st. The original cost was $17,234,000 and as of Dec 1st, 2015 four change orders have been put into place raising the cost to $17,851,366 (+$617,366). The Owner has decided to have a Tenant Improvement Remodel on their existing building also located on site. The TI Bids have started and the final bids must be received by January 6th, 2016. Luster has one employee on site, Jonathon Stowaser, who is the Office Manager and Field Engineer. Luster is assisting Kitchell CEM as the Owner’s Representative and overseeing the project to ensure the owners satisfaction.

The project currently has the entire vertical complete for the four buildings. AC has been placed and landscape is starting the week of Dec. 7th, 2015. The Administration building is having casework installed, final wire pulling, and finishes performed and is expected to be completed by late January. The Maintenance Building is having drywall finishes, ceiling paint prime/finish, store front windows, and final wire pulling performed and is expected to be completed a few weeks after the Admin. The Fuel and Bus Wash Buildings are close to complete with a few pieces of equipment that needs to be installed and final finishes. If the project stays on schedule tenants will be able to move into the new buildings by February and the contractor will start Phase Two of the project consisting of only site