About Us

Luster National, Inc. is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB). The Company has a proven successful 30-year track record spanning a broad spectrum of professional services. Our services include strategic planning, program, project, construction and facilities management, stakeholder alignment, wellness program design and implementation, contractor outreach and workforce development and alternative acquisitions strategies for a broad array of clients across the United States. The firm maintains the following small business status: VOSB, MBE, and DBE. Luster has offices and deployed resources in New York, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and California. We are capable of responding anywhere in the United States.



By incorporating integrated management practices and consulting expertise, we provide effective, timely, and cost-saving strategies that support successful completion of client projects, regardless of complexity, size, or location.

Luster supports two sectors: government (in both classified and unclassified environments) and commercial. We have three established operations locations: the Eastern Region, the Central Region, and the Western Region. These operating units support clients in both the commercial and federal arenas within defined geographic areas of the United States. The firm has offices across the United States, from New York to California. Our corporate headquarters is in Mill Valley, California and our Operational Headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Luster organization is built on teamwork, cooperation and client service. Our mission, vision, and value statements, refined through years of business success, reflect those building blocks.


At Luster we understand our capabilities are a product of our Team Members’ skills. To learn more about the depth of experience and training available to you from Luster, please review our key personnel resumes:

Robert Luster - President, Luster National Inc.

Robert Luster


Elizabeth Osmon

Elizabeth Osmon

Vice President
East Region

Antoine Atallah P.E. CCM PMP

Antoine Atallah

Vice President,
Corporate Administration

Ronald B. Brown CPC, DBIA, F.SAME

Ronald B. Brown,

Vice President,
Major Projects

Roy Wilson CCM

Roy Wilson, CCM

Vice President,
National Operations

Robert S. "Bobby" Vickery

Robert S. “Bobby” Vickery

Vice President,
National Sales


On demand, Luster National, Inc. provides superior Professional Services to a broad array of national and regional private sector clients and governmental agencies, faced with ever‐changing and complex needs.

We generally serve as an “internal” advocate or “owner’s representative” for our clients but are also able to perform more conventional Professional Services as an “external” contractor as well. Regardless of the mission we are required to perform, we provide innovative, sustainable courses of action and business processes in order to meet our client’s unique and diverse needs and/or requirements.

We constantly strive to achieve superlative results, utilizing exceptional people, who are subject-matter experts in their respective fields. We are knowledgeable of, and certified in, industry-standards management techniques and processes. We have the experience, the technology, and training expertise to get the job done, no matter what the mission is. Luster places emphasis on achieving client intent and the professional development of our personnel and our client’s personnel.

Our motto: “You Have Challenges; We Provide Solutions”,
defines who we are, what we do, and how we do it.


Robert A. Luster founded the firm in 1990. As a West Point graduate and company grade Infantry officer with 7-years active duty service, Robert’s goal was to create an integrity based management firm that provides superior professional services to all our respective clients, while “giving back” to the communities in which they exist. His intent then was to create a firm that was the commercial embodiment of the West Point Motto: “Duty, Honor, Country”. That same intent is reflected in everything we do today.

Providing superior professional services, to national and regional government and commercial agencies, we serve as an advocate for our clients. We accomplish these critical missions by ensuring we hire only the best, most experienced, committed and dedicated subject matter experts in their respective fields. We ensure the techniques we use are based on proven military or industry standard processes. The processes we follow stringently are outlined in the Project Management Institute (PMI), Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), and Lean Six Sigma (LSS) doctrine. We accomplish this goal, by using improved technology, training and management expertise, and maintaining our unwavering commitment to Client Focus, Professional Integrity, and Social Responsibility.


The values, upon which this firm was founded 30-years ago, remain the steadfast values of the Company today:

  1. Client Focus: To provide our clients with the best possible Professional Services, using only the most competent, motivated and dedicated employees, in order to design solutions to meet their unique needs, in a timely and cost effective manner. “Mission First; People Always”
  2. Professional Integrity: To maintain an organization that exhibits integrity, promotes diversity, and encourages teamwork and creativity; a firm that delivers exactly what is expected on each and every project.
  3. Social Responsibility: To be exemplary social, environmental and cultural stewards in the communities where we are corporate citizens.